About The BrandLaureate International Awards
The BrandLaureate International Awards – the world’s leading brand award. Nobel Laureate winners such as Nelson Mandela and other luminaries like Steve Jobs, Mark Zuckerberg, Hillary Clinton, Edward de Bono, Dr Joseph Stiglitz (Nobel Memorial Prize in Economic Sciences 2001) plus the world’s most recognized brands have received the Brand Laureate award. Now the founder of the Brand Laureate is launching the BrandLaureate International Awards. It is so exclusive that the International award is truly reserved for only the world’s best brands and awarded just once every four years – Country Awards on a country by country basis will be awarded annually, followed by Regional Awards every third year, culminating in the International Awards in a glittering international ceremony every fourth year.

Taking the Brand Laureate to the next higher level, the BrandLaureate International Awards will be the first international brand award that represents true global recognition that is reserved exclusively for the world’s best brands!

With such exclusivity, the BrandLaureate International Award will be coveted by many but is rightly reserved solely for brands that are genuinely deserving of recognition as one of the world’s best brands in its category! That is our pledge – the BrandLaureate International Awards is the only global brand award that the world’s best brands can aspire to!