Founder’s Message

“When I conceptualized and founded the Brand Laureate more than a decade ago, my goal was to create an award program for brands that was so exclusive and so coveted that only the world’s best brands can qualify for it.

That’s why we resolved early on that no brand that fails to meet those lofty standards will ever receive the Brand Laureate Awards.

Those were the high standards I set back in 2004 and those are the same standards by which we still operate today!

Due to strict observance of these standards, the Brand Laureate grew to be the most coveted branding award in the world counting Nobel Laureates like Nelson Mandela, Dr Joseph Stiglitz and luminaries like Steve Jobs, Hillary Clinton, Mark Zuckerberg and the world’s most recognizable product, service and corporate brands having been bestowed the Brand Laureate Award.

It is therefore fitting and a logical step for the launch of the BrandLaureate International Awards to take the BrandLaureate to the next level, to firmly establish the BrandLaureate International Awards as a truly global award. Unlike the Brand Laureate which focuses on one country and is awarded annually, the BrandLaureate International Awards is a truly global award that is awarded only once every 4 years – Country Awards on a country by country basis will be awarded annually, followed by Regional Awards every third year, culminating in the International Awards in an exclusive international ceremony every fourth year.”

LS Sya